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PH Cell 800

PH Cell 800 - Modular pallet handling for up to 30 pallets

  • Up to 800 kg transfer weight (workpiece incl. pallet)
  • Pallets from 400x400 up to 800x630 mm
  • Handling of different pallet sizes in one system
  • Separate setup station for ergonomic and simultaneous loading and unloading of pallets
  • Convenient and simple control of the automation directly via the machine control panel


PH Cell 800 Automation System for Pallet Handling
Pallet Handling Made Easy with the PH Cell 800

Technical data

Technical data

Max. Transfer weight (incl. pallet)

Max. Dimension of the workpiece (mm)

Pallet sizes (mm)

Max. Load / shelf kg

Max. Number of pallet spaces

PH Cell 800

800 kg

D 800 x 800

400 x 400

500 x 500

630 x 630

D 630

D 800 x 630

1,800 kg



DMU 65 H monoBLOCK

DMU 85 H monoBLOCK

DMU 65 monoBLOCK 2nd Gen.

DMU 75 monoBLOCK 2nd Gen.

DMU 80 P / FD duoBLOCK


PH Cell 800

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