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CNC Machine Financing Solutions

Boost Your Manufacturing – Accelerate Your Success: Our Smart CNC Machine Financing Solutions.

5-axis CNC machining is one of the most advanced and versatile technologies in the manufacturing industry. It allows you to create complex and high-quality parts with minimal setups and operations. If you want to learn more about our CNC machine financial solutions, please contact us.


How you benefit from our CNC machine financing solutions! 

Can I finance a CNC machine? At DMG MORI, we understand that investing in a 5-axis machine is a big decision that requires careful planning and budgeting. That’s why we provide you smart financing programs that suit your needs and goals.

What are the benefits of financing a CNC machine? 

  • Globally available – benefit from our local financing partner 
    → Attractive solutions in EUR, USD, GBP, RMB and other local currencies 
  • Grace period of up to 9 months or 0 % downpayment *
    → Earn money before you pay off the machine 
    → Perfect for small companies or start-ups
  • Various options for your individual loan plan 
    → Flexible terms 
    → Fixed or variable interest rates 
    → Residual value agreements

* The decision regarding final financing is contingent upon the independent approval of the risk department of our leasing partners, as well as compliance with applicable local regulations.


Your start into 5-axis and process integration with our smart CNC machine financing solutions

How do I finance a CNC machine? With our CNC machine financing solutions you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Liquidity management: You can use the machine without being immediately burdened with installment payments, creating space for cash flow generation, and allowing you to use your liquidity for other business needs, such as working capital or expansion.
  • Test phase and customization: You can extensively test and evaluate the machines before the actual installment payments begin and adjust them to your specific requirements and preferences. 
  • Cost management and budgeting: You can budget your expenses better, as you can incorporate the phases without installment payments into your financial planning. This reduces the risk of liquidity bottlenecks and helps you optimize your cash flow. 
  • Project financing: You can align the installment payments with the progress of your projects and put the machines into operation immediately without a significant financial burden. This enables you to realize your projects faster and increase your competitiveness.

Advantages of 5-axis

Advantage of 5-axis versus 3-axis machines

In 3-axis machining, the machine’s cutting tool moves at right angles to the three linear X, Y and Z axes. If manufacturing companies use 5-axis machining centers, the machining tasks are usually much more complex, which makes additional rotary axes (A, B or C) necessary. Compared to the 3-axis system, however, the component can be machined from many angles and even simultaneously (5-axis simultaneous machining center). This illustrates why 5-axis is often the preferred machining center for the production of endoprosthetics in medical technology, for example. Here, milling is more accurate and faster. 

  • Higher accuracy and precision: 5-axis machines can reach every surface of the workpiece with the same cutting tool, reducing errors and improving the dimensional and geometrical accuracy of the part. 
  • Greater efficiency and productivity: 5-axis machines can reduce the machining time and the number of setups required, resulting in faster production and lower costs. You can also optimize your tool paths and reduce tool wear and waste. 
  • More design freedom and creativity: 5-axis machines can handle complex shapes and features that are impossible or difficult to achieve with conventional machines. You can create parts with curved surfaces, undercuts, holes, and pockets with ease.

Process integration

Significance of 5-axis machining in the context of process integration 

As part of process integration, 5-axis machining enables shorter machining times, lower machining costs, higher machining quality and greater machining accuracy. For this reason, complete machining on 5-axis milling machines (DMU, DMU eVo, monoBLOCK, DMF, duoBLOCK, portal, gantry), milling-turning centers (FD version: DMU eVo, monoBLOCK, DMF, duoBLOCK, portal) and turn & mill machines (CLX TC, CTX TC, NTX, NT) has played an important role in DMG MORI’s product range for many years. 

The advantages of process integration with 5-axis machining are: 

  • Machining of complex workpieces in a single clamping operation: You can reduce the number of clamping operations and avoid manual reclamping errors, resulting in higher quality and improved accuracy.
  • Lower machining costs by reducing the number of fixtures and using standard tools:  You can save on the costs of fixtures, tools  and labor  and increase your profitability and efficiency.
  • Shorter processing time through integration of additional processes: You can integrate processes such as grinding, gear cutting, and measuring into one machine, and reduce the cycle time and the transportation time between machines.
  • Process optimization: We have the most suitable CAD/CAM and automation solutions. You can use the best software and hardware solutions to optimize your production process  and automate your workflow to increase your productivity and flexibility.
  • Sustainability: Climate-neutral companies replace several 3-axis machines with a single 5-axis machine. You can reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions by using fewer machines and resources  and contribute to a greener and cleaner environment.

High quality machines

Advantages of high quality machines 

DMG MORI’s High Quality machines offer the following advantages over standard machines: 

  • State-of-the-art technology that guarantees high precision, performance, reliability and durability: You can rely on the quality and longevity of our machines, and benefit from their high performance and precision. 
  • Equipped with powerful MASTER spindles: Enjoy the advantages of our unique spindle technology, such as high speed, torque  and power, and achieve the best machining results.
  • Modern control systems: Choose the control system that suits your needs and preferences (e.g. Siemens, Heidenhain or Mapps) and use the latest features and functions to enhance your machining process. 
  • Optimal solutions for various industries and applications: Find the best machine e.g. for tool and mold making, the aerospace sector, medical technology and the semiconductor industry and meet the highest standards and requirements of your customers and markets. 
  • Efficient and flexible production of complex workpieces: You can create high-quality parts that require advanced machining techniques, such as 5-axis simultaneous machining or ultrasonic-assisted machining and increase your competitiveness and innovation. 
  • High residual value and resale price: You can get a good return on your investment, as our machines have a high residual value and a high demand in the market.