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Digital Transformation (DX) – Generate competitive advantages

With "Machining Transformation (MX)", DMG MORI supports its customers in meeting the challenges associated with increasingly efficient and sustainable production. The three important pillars of Machining Transformation – process integration, automation, and digital transformation (DX) – have a significant influence on the green transformation (GX) as the fourth pillar.

The aim of digital transformation is to increase productivity in manufacturing companies and reduce energy consumption.



Digital transformation (DX) uses intelligent technologies to optimize processes and thus acts as an "enabler" for the transformation of manufacturing. DMG MORI's digital ecosystem creates data transparency across the entire manufacturing process for knowledge-based decisions. The aim of digital transformation is to increase productivity in manufacturing companies and reduce energy consumption.

DX thus enables with the benefits of CELOS Xperience Easy Operation in process integration, ensures Extended Spindle Hours in automation and increases Energy Efficiency for the green transformation.

Easy Operation
Extended Spindle Hours
Energy Efficiency

Easy Operation

5-axis simultaneous machining is commonplace in many manufacturing companies today. And necessary to survive in global competition. Machine operation is therefore becoming increasingly complex – and that with a high shortage of skilled workers.

CELOS Xperience offers a variety of workflows that make machine operation easier. These include effective operation through guided app-based workflows, an intuitive user interface and the highest ergonomic standards thanks to innovative operating elements.

For example, the operator can quickly and easily perform material and process-dependent calculations of speed, feed rate and spindle load. Predefined dimensions for fits and threads are already considered. This halves the time and effort required for technology calculations.

Inexperienced machine operators can be guided through complex clamping situations. These document-based operator guidance to reduce the susceptibility to errors when working on the machine increases the efficiency of work processes.

  • Fast & effective operation through guided workflows
  • Intuitive user interfaces, structured menus & comprehensible symbols
  • Ergonomics through innovative operating elements & new hardware design

Added Value

  • Faster programming
  • Reduction of errors
  • Increase in efficiency

Extended Spindle Hours

The shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing is also a noticeable obstacle in attempts to increase production. Investing in automation solutions can help to multiply spindle running time.

This requires high reliability and early detection of faults, which CELOS Xperience supports. This ensures the optimization and improvement of production and handling processes as well as the effective use of machine capacities.

Applications monitor vibrations during machining and visualize process values, warnings or limit value violations to protect the spindle and machine from damage caused by overload or collision.

Another example is the simple tool management on the machine with predictive tool provision based on the remaining tool life. This optimizes tool changes and reduces changeover times.

Furthermore, monitoring solutions enable a centralized view of the shop floor and rapid intervention in the event of unplanned downtimes.

  • Optimization of production & handling processes
  • More effective use of machine capacities
  • Increased machine productivity

Added Value

  • Optimized set-up processes
  • Shorter processing times
  • Increased machine availability

Energy Efficiency

Industrial emissions have remained largely constant at a high level for 15 years and account for around 25% of total German emissions. CO2 certificates provide a financial incentive to produce in a climate-friendly way. At the same time, the cost of industrial electricity has risen significantly in 2022.

Thanks to intelligent controls and sensors as well as adaptive machine kinematics through innovative software components, CELOS Xperience supports energy monitoring reduction. For example, it is possible to automatically switch off components of machines during idle times.

Real-time monitoring enables the automatic adjustment of energy requirements to machining processes.

The optimized air and coolant supply can also be regulated.

At the same time, the application ensures that a machine has gone through a warm-up phase at a defined time and is ready for immediate use.

  • Sustainable production thanks to intelligent controls & sensors
  • Adaptive machine kinematics through innovative software 
  • Use of energy-efficient components

Added Value

  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Automatic energy demand adjustment
  • Needs-based air, coolant & lubricant supply

Digital ecosystem

CELOS X – Digital ecosystem for future-proof solutions

CELOS is the digital brand core of DMG MORI and thus the heart of the digital transformation (DX). CELOS had its premiere over 10 years ago as the world's first APP-based machine control system. Today, manufacturing companies are facing new challenges. With CELOS X, DMG MORI has created a platform that can scale with the increasing performance of machine tools and automation solutions.


CELOS X offers a holistic solution for the digital transformation of a company in manufacturing and is DMG MORI's answer to global challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers and increasing price pressure. With CELOS X, manufacturing companies are already creating the basis for the competitive manufacturing of the future.

The aim of CELOS X is to pave the way for manufacturing companies and service providers worldwide to shape their own future in the age of Industry 4.0 – autonomously and safely.

CELOS X is a digital and data-based ecosystem for the holistically integrated management, planning, control, operation, monitoring and interoperation of machines, workflows, and processes in the industrial manufacturing environment. It comprises both the "digital toolbox" with the CELOS Xperience and the CELOS Xchange platform as a "multifunctional control center". The interaction of these two components enables a comprehensive and seamless digital experience for users.

CELOS X Highlights

With 300 features and over 30 apps, CELOS X offers unprecedented consistency across all DMG MORI control variants, which will also be available to third-party providers in the future. For the first time, entire shop floor processes can be uniformly mapped end-to-end in one solution. CELOS X will also be kept up to date via self-executable updates and its range of functions will be continuously expanded – as simply and transparently as is otherwise only known from smartphones.

In combination with consistent DMG MORI CONNECTIVITY, CELOS X impresses on the one hand with its reliable infrastructure for manufacturer-independent networking of the entire production environment. On the other hand, CELOS X creates a sovereign and highly secure environment for the vertical integration of the manufacturing environment with the corporate IT and supports companies in facing the challenges of digital transformation in CNC manufacturing. It is also the basis for networking with supply chains and global value creation networks. CELOS X is therefore a catalyst for the process integration of DMG MORI.

Highlights of CELOS X:

  1. END-TO-END WORKFLOWS: With its platform-based approach, CELOS X enables end-to-end workflows. Isolated apps are a thing of the past.
  2. BUILD YOUR OWN APPS: CELOS X is tailored to the needs of its customers and offers maximum flexibility, with the option to develop your own apps and customize existing apps.
  3. TRUSTED DATA HUB: Data-based decisions are made possible by the CELOS X data hub. All relevant machine data is available at the right time, with the highest standards of data security guaranteed.
  4. OPEN FOR 3rd PARTY: The ability to integrate 3rd party machines and applications allows CELOS X to be used across the entire store floor.
  5. UPDATES: Ensure your competitiveness. Thanks to updates and continuous enhancements of CELOS X, DMG MORI offers solutions for all relevant challenges.
What is CELOS Xperience?
What is CELOS Xchange?

CELOS Xperience is the customer interface and digital "toolbox" for all CELOS applications and software systems within the CELOS X ecosystem. The intuitive user interface provides access to all relevant information and applications.

From the individual apps and technology cycles on the control to the optimization of processes along the process chain, CELOS X supports the user in a consistent and integrated manner. Thanks to continuous updates and enhancements, CELOS Xperience always remains at the cutting edge of technology and enables companies to continuously improve their manufacturing processes, adapt to changing market requirements and increase the service life of the machine.



Easy Operation:  High user-friendliness and quick & easy access to all applications for efficiency and productivity.

Extended Spindle Hours:  Increased productivity through holistic optimization of production processes.

Energy Efficiency:  Sustainable production through efficient processes and the use of intelligent sensors & software.

CELOS Xchange acts as the multifunctional "control center" of the CELOS X ecosystem for the application and data management of CELOS Xperience, because data is the basis for offering our users a consistent user experience. CELOS Xchange enables users to make data-based decisions.

With CELOS Xchange, DMG MORI has created a secure, cloud-based data room where security and data sovereignty are top priorities. The customer can determine which data is synchronized with CELOS Xchange at any time. In the future, this will enable the bidirectional integration of production into the company's IT as well as the open and secure exchange of data with partners outside the company.



Secure:  Maximum data sovereignty, secure data transfer & encrypted data storage.

Scalable: Fast commissioning, standardized connectivity & easy expandability.

Open:  Technology-independent, integration of existing machines & suitable for third-party machines.

ERGOline X

ERGOline X – Innovative control panels for every control type

ERGOline X is introduced with the launch of CELOS X. The successor to the ERGOline IV control panel offers the machine operator an even more intuitive user experience, with optimized ergonomics and functionality. The ERGOline X control panel gives the user access to CELOS Xperience and the native NC control.


When developing the new ERGOline X panels with a 24″ display, the focus was on the user experience and the ergonomic arrangement of operating elements.

Innovative operating elements, such as the SMARTkey and SMARTride, enable the highest safety standards and facilitate an easier handling of complex machine tools. The new SMARTride makes machine operation even safer, more efficient and ergonomic. Instead of the two rotary knobs, employees now control feed and rapid traverse using a single button with haptic feedback. This gives the operator a better ergonomic position in relation to the machine and allows them to focus on the workpiece or the infeed process.

The revised arrangement of the operating elements and the use of the latest touch technology make operation a real experience.


  • Personalized access rights depending on user level
  • Compact credit card format
  • Independtly personalized


  • Integrated “panic function” to instantly reduce the feed rate / rapid traverse to 0 %
  • Integrated haptic feedback to recognize 0 % & 100 %
  • Feed rate, rapid traverse & NC-start combined in one control element

* Only available for SIEMENS & HEIDENHAIN


  • Standardized user interface for CELOS, independent of the CNC control

Control panel 

  • 10% wider screen (compared to previous model)

  • multi-touch screen (portrait format) 

  • Hybrid Bar


  • 3D shop floor programming with automatic feature recognition 

  • Data interaction with CELOS DYNAMICpost


  • Extensive measuring cycles 


  • Unified write filter 

  • Whitelist anti-virus software installed  

  • USB lock HW & SW 

User interface

  • Individually configurable user interface 

  • Space-saving slim body  

  • User-friendly smooth operation 

  • Set Up Assistant 

Control panel 

  • 24" multi-touch screen (landscape format) 

  • SMARTride (intuitive feed & rapid traverse control) 


  • 3D shop floor programming with automatic feature recognition 


  • Extensive measuring cycles 


  • USB lock HW & SW 

User interface

  • Short familiarization time due to familiar interface 

Control panel 

  • 24" multi-touch screen (landscape format) 
  • SMARTride (intuitive feed & rapid traverse control)


  • 3D shop floor programming 


  • Collision monitoring 
  • USB lock HW & SW 

User interface

  • Individually configurable user interface 

CELOS X Factory

CELOS X Factory

The CELOS X Factory is a production area in Bielefeld that combines additive and conventional manufacturing technologies and is more than just a demo factory. We produce series components for use in DMG MORI machines – from simple turned and milled parts to highly complex components in metal 3D printing. The digital process world in the CELOS X Factory maps real company processes and goes far beyond the current status. Examples include order fulfillment processes with traceability at individual part level, a CAD-CAM process chain that extends into quality management and energy management.

chain that extends into quality management or energy monitoring for individual process steps.

DMG MORI machine tools and automation solutions are the heart of the CELOS X Factory. They are supplemented by machines and equipment from partner companies. This enables us to map various production processes holistically.

Digitization workshop – Bring your own idea

  • 2-day workshop
  • Tasks from practice
  • Joint development of initial solution concepts
  • Ways to transform into efficient & sustainable production